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Healthier Minds

Psychoanalysis and Psychological Services,



Discover yourself again and create your own possibilities. Are you ready to have us
join you on your journey for transformation, deepen your understanding of yourself
(as well as your surroundings), and learn on how to better function in the world?
Whether psychotherapy is for you, your child, or a loved one; everyone gains the benefits of
positive self-growth, fulfillment, closer bonds, and progressive development.
Increase your optimism today and for the future!


Why should you begin therapeutic services?

Because you have the right to feel, be, and have resiliency through

channels of:  

          Acceptance    Insight    Hope     Growth     

            Healing    Belongingness    Motivation    Trust    Confidence

               Freedom    Understanding    Awareness    Stability   Patience

           Connection    Self-Love    Strength    Curiosity    Relief    Communication   

Courage   Clarity   Closure   Success    Perspectives     

Common Reasons Why People Seek Treatment

Anxiety     Fear     Stagnation    Depression     Self Esteem    Identity Disclosure 

Trauma      Anger      Grief     Loss    Restlessness    Diversity

 Life Transitions    Attention/Disorganization    Parenting     Self-Functioning

Balancing Life Roles     Mood Dysregulation     Adjustment Issues     Relationships 

 Attachment     Infertility     Compassion Fatigue/Burnout   Stress

Problems with Daily Life Functioning (sleep, appetite, energy level, etc.)

Interested in complementary practices? Find out more about aromatherapy. 


Still have questions about psychological wellness? Check out our pages.....

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