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We provide virtual and in-person sessions. Video visits are conducted on a secure telehealth video platform for New York and New Jersey residents. A web camera and high speed internet are needed for online sessions. In-person visits are held at 26 Court St. Brooklyn, NY 11242.     

Child Psychotherapy (3-17 yrs)

Combines talk therapy with developmentally appropriate approaches that invite children to be fully involved in their therapy care. Modalities include Play, Sandtray, Art, Music, and Literature. Parent sessions occur at least on a monthly basis to complement child sessions and provide parenting support.


A more intensive form of psychotherapy that examines unconscious content that is causing an intrapsychic conflict. This means that patterns of behavior, emotions, and thoughts are stemming from somewhere that is not readily available to process. Psychoanalysis uncovers, acknowledges, work-through, and interprets themes. This is done through the quality of the psychoanalyst-client relationship (also called the therapeutic alliance), dream interpretation, imagery, and talking. Particularly, we utilize an eclectic perspective which integrates the theories of Object Relations, Self, Ego, Humanistic, Modern, Existential, Classical, and Interpersonal Neurobiology.   

Group Therapy

Led by a clinician with no more than five clients to promote self-other relationships and has a shared experience. Typical group themes include social skills for children, anxiety reducer, caregiving/parenting, bereavement/grief, and life transition.  (coming soon) 

Clinical Supervision

Provides opportunities for clinicians in training and licensed clinicians to deepen their clinical knowledge in the enrichment process of the therapeutic alliance, behavioral health specifics, and behavioral health treatment outcomes. Topics of discussion often include healthy boundaries, work-life balance, transference, countertransference, resistance, clinical techniques, effective communication, confidence building, diagnosis, family dynamics, cultural-sensitivity, barriers,  preventing burn-out, and self-care.


(Also known as online therapy and virtual therapy) is a type of telemedicine that allows patients to participate in psychotherapy and psychoanalytic sessions with their assigned clinician using a HIPPA-compliant software to preserve privacy and confidentiality. Many patients find telepsychology to be convenient and comfortable.

Adult Psychotherapy

(Also known as talk therapy)

uses client-therapist dialogue to identify challenges and facilitate success to improve overall well-being. Common modalities include Cognitive Behavioral, Interpersonal, Narrative, and Psychodynamic.

(Family and Couples Psychotherapy

also available)


An awareness technique that focuses on the consciousness of now. Sub-techniques include guided imagery, diaphragm breathing, body scan, and brief meditation.

Alternative/Complementary Methods

Non-traditional approaches that use non-talk approaches to create nonverbal dialogue to aid fluidity between the mind, emotions, and body. Such techniques entail movement and aromatherapy.   

Clinical Consultation

An expansive opportunity that allows clinicians, educators, and administrators to strengthen current practices by exploring goals, interventions, progress (or lack thereof), and purpose of services. Consultations assist with client engagement, knowledge promotion, flexible perspectives, and problem solving.

Clinical & Developmental Workshops

Specifically created to fit the audience needs of the group, practice, or organization. Common topics include mental health/developmental diagnosis, parenting, typical childhood challenges, development over the lifespan, trauma, self-care, temperament/personality, preventing burnout, cultural diversity practices, motivational interviewing, etc.

What Our Clients Say



Things finally click. Caring for myself is important. 

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