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What Failure Really Means

Let’s define failure

According to Merriam-Webster, failure is defined as: failure of performance, state of inability to perform a normal function, & giving away under stress.

If we see failure in this light, then depression, disappointment, despair, anxiety, anger, & shame will sure follow.

What do I associate with failure?

o Motivation- Having to urge to savor victory once it happens.

o Insight- An opportunity to problem solve & devise new strategies to overcome obstacles.

o Drive- Push yourself beyond your limits.

o Reflection- Building inner strength & finding out characteristics that you may not know you have.

o Gratification- Giving yourself due credit (praise).

All in all, failure can be seen as both a negative and a positive! How would you define failure?

Are you ready to shift your perspective from negative to positive to think about things differently (in a more optimistic way)?

Begin psychotherapy/psychoanalysis today!


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